What kind of travel activities do you often enjoy?

What kind of portable power would you take if you go out? Here are some outdoor power options, 5 very handy power gadgets-Outdoor ready

iForway---25W SOLAR PANEL


output :18V

Outdoor activities, we have a 25W solar panel on the backpack, you can directly use the solar panel to charge, back it said walk away, hanging in our backpack to enjoy the natural world scenery, do not worry about the phone is not power. I use this to charge my Android phone, portable battery and ipad. It's good as long as we give it bright light and the sun. In fact, in the direct sunlight of about 8 hours, it charged my portable battery with 2 days of phone power. If it's cloudy, it can work, but don't expect too much charging. Its durability, design and usability are very good. And the circuit is also very good. They are like shoelaces, giving us the desire for a stronger tie. My plan is to travel by bike, for me, I do not want to go too cumbersome to start, even if sometimes the weather, but anyway I will choose to use it, because I hope that without a lot of power, it is easy to attach to the back pocket.

 25w solar panel  kits

iForway---C2001—mini wall charger


Input: 110-240V 

Output: 5V/1A;5V/2.1A 




If you always wanted a portable power bank and a wall charger with usb, then the C2001 is the right model for you. It works very well and it can be adjusted and adapted to your own needs. It always delivers a great experience, all while making sure that you will enjoy the results no matter what. Rest assured that the quality you can get with the C2001 is super impressive and unique. It’s not going to be easy, true, but the adaptability and quality shared here is what you will enjoy immensely in the end!

The C2001 can also do plug conversion, it can also offer mobile power when you charge your phone. Also, the product is automatically charging as it charges your devices too. What this means is that you can use it as a power bank USB wall charger that will give you all the benefits and value that you may need from something like this.

travel mini power bank

IForway--PS100---154WH portable power bank


Input: AC 100V-240V ,Solar panel recharged

Output: 2USB ; 1*QC3.0 ;120w AC output                                 



We will encounter different voltage selection problems in different countries, it gives us the choice, there are two voltages of 110V and 220V available to you. An effective and versatile camping power source, It can also be used as a home to charge your entire family of electronic products at the same time! It is used for AC charging and DC output for real-time charging. We can also use solar panels to charge it, a powerful product.

iForway-PS220-waterproof solar power generator


 5521 DC input: 19V/2A  compatible with MPPT14-25V, 40W Max.

DC Output: DC5521 9-12.6V/5A 

Cigarette Lighter: 9-12.6V/10A

Type-C Output: 45W  

USB Port: 5V/2.1A*2

waterproof solar power for camping day

Our family and friends go camping by the sea. We like to go swimming by the beach, surf, or fish by the side to cultivate, and children can enjoy the TYPE-C experience. Adults can go fishing and swimming, and children play in the tent. Mobile phones, watching TV, playing games. Charge various devices (charge your camera, charge your drone... LED lights, you can illuminate, we can enjoy the night view of the beach.)




Input: AC 100V-240V ,Solar panel recharged

DC Output: 2*USB Ports 5V /2.4A ;1*QC3.0;     1*Type-C; 1*  DC 12V /2A

AC Output: 2*AC output ports, share 300w

iForway PS300 This is a walking music traveler, with a Bluetooth speaker, or a portable energy charging station, can also supply power to our equipment, very clean energy, we go out to play with the family, put it It’s very good in our car, we go out for a picnic, you can go out and enjoy the beauty of nature, fans, some small equipment, can be charged by drones, even if you spend the night outside, your family has breathing problems, and you don’t need a sudden ventilator. Can not give the family a good sleeping environment.

portable solar generator for camping day

iForway--mutiple charge station-CS01

 Input:  AC 90V-240V

 USB  port :5V/2.4A *7

Type-c port*1

Max Power: 72W

7 port USB and 1 type-c  charge station

This is a multi-port USB charger with 8 ports and we can suspend several devices at the same time. It has intelligent technology that senses the power sent to a single device. It also has overcharge protection (off when the device is fully charged), overheating (off), and short circuit protection (off). When several of us went out together, and brought a few electronic devices, it was very useful to us. It is its strength to supply several devices at the same time. The charging speed is very fast. We don’t have to bring more power with us. The line is very cumbersome and only requires a USB cable to power our mobile phone and laptop.


October 29, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang