Akihabara is well known as the electronics center of Japan. While chain electronics shops can be found all over Tokyo, Akihabara has the highest concentration of stores. It is where Japan’s electronic product companies test their products on the domestic market. With limited edition products and special offers, it’s possible to snatch up a bargain or even pick up the latest invention.

After the great successful of crowdfunding in Japan, then there have a digital exhibition at the Akihabara by PC workshop AKIBA STARTUP.

The exhibition end date is Tuesday, July 31. 

Products that CTJ is seeking support at the cloud funding site for domestic sales. According to the project page , the delivery time of the product is said to be after August.

Outdoor and construction site, large capacity battery active in disaster

PS 300 is a portable type battery using a lithium ion battery for electric vehicles. It has a large capacity of about 462 Wh (3.7 V / 124800 mAh) and has two high AC power output terminals of 100 V / 300 W, and sells high power supply function.

Charging is possible with household outlets, car cigar sockets, solar panels. The solar panel charging adopts Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) method, and it is said that it can charge with about 10% higher efficiency than usual.

Bluetooth speaker with 10 W output and LED lights are also equipped. LED light can be used in three modes: "flashlight", "strobe" and "SOS rescue signal".

The size of the main body is 290 × 190 × 155 mm, the weight is 5.5 kg. The DC output terminal includes USB Type-C (Power Delivery compatible, 60 W), USB standard A (5 V / 2.4 A), etc. An indicator showing remaining battery level, music play / pause button, volume control button, etc. are also provided.

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July 04, 2018 — LiuDavy