Exploring the Ti bet region can be a very challenging quest for any explorer and not many people can go through the scenario of living in the wild especially when it looks like something that's not regular civilization. Looking into fact, the Tibet topography and climate is complex with Liang reaching a high of 2400meters, hang long which is at about 4000 meters and Tangelo mountain with a height of 4500metres .Hence it is important for the individual to have his/her list checked for mobile phones, a navigator ,first aid kit, a GPS and an intercom and most importantly a source of power for this time taking expedition. One other thing to way to power up and keep these gadgets in function is through the use of an uninterrupted power generator and the only answer to this is the unique “173Wh waterproof portable solar generator from IForway{PS220} and with it explorers can now simulate the usual electronic environment even in the wild .This product solves the common problem of lacking or running out of power supply during a long distant drive or walk in deserts, woods, mountains and other extreme vegetations far from human settlement and civilization. It has a capacity of 173wh as described{11.1V/15.6Ah,4800mAh with white{4W} and red[2W} led lights. Aside from the usual mode of charging with the sun, explorers can also charge this solar device with their cars and ensure they worry less on rainy days or during late nights when the sun is out of sight.

solar power station for your mountain life

A full electricity reserve is a primary need when journeying through the Tibet but thanks to the PS22O which is an uninterrupted power generator which is also a portable type that gives the user the luxury of not having to worry about the burden of carrying heavy devices unlike other non portable solar devices which can be quite heavy and have to be attached to the roof of their cars .It is very normal to spend about ten days driving on the road through the Tibet region and because of this, it is very possible to have the common experience of other explorers who after driving through the very long distance get stranded on the road after running out fuel and electricity .Then the common question pops up "what do we do"??? Well you can simply set up camp at the bottom of any mountain close by and well away from the road. You can also make sure you're holding your camera to capture the scene scenes as many explorers like to have such experiences in remembrance. Camping while stranded can be fun especially when you have a portable AC solar power source like the PS220.Thedevice has a torch which provides a reliable light source while camping and your camera never has to run out of power when you can simply charge by plugging it to any of the two fast charging USB ports.

portable power supply your device

One popular wonder the Tibet region offers to lovers of mountain climbing is the highest mountain in the world; Mt. Everest which is translated in Chinese as the “Ma Fang of Zhu Mu Lang” and gives potential climbers a run for their money by standing at an unbelievable height of 8848m.Thus requiring climbers who have high physical fitness. Climbers are often implored to try different heights based on their level of experience. As a climber, you can try 5000 meters for the first time ,then subsequently 6000 meters on your next trial and then keep increasing the height. Climbing as a team has always been a problem on mount Everest with reports of people getting lost after being scattered on the mountain. This often happens when illumination {light source] is poor  or lost due to interrupted power supply .Fortunately, past and current team users of the PS 220 iForway bear no risk of getting lost or scattered while climbing due to the ability of the portable solar generator to provide portable power supply and it comes with four lights which allows climbers to make light signals indicating their respective position. This solar device gives mountain climbing a new look and greatly increases the chances of climbers in attaining the peak of the world's tallest mountain by a significant figure. You can now rest at different heights on the mountain whenever you get tired with a very low probability of running out of power, light or sound from your music box .

waterproof solar generator and power

To cap things up, the iForway portable power supply produces no fumes or noise and this makes it an excellent choice when the explorer has no intention of polluting the wild with noise or effusions because it is an environmentally friendly device considering the current problem of noise and fume production in other sources of power..

October 22, 2018 — Randy Long