What’s a mobile beekeeper?

A mobile beekeeper is a truck that farmers can use to follow bees wherever they are migrating. They carry a lot of beehives where the bees will feel at home and they will be working in there coming and going. The farmers use to spend a lot of consecutive days out in nature, taking care of the valuable bees and collecting all the honey they have produced. But there are some challenges they have to overcome in order to stay communicated, entertained, and safe. The principal problem used to be that they did not have an electric energy source at all times because most places where they use to be are really far from any electric power connection.

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Why is it important to take care of bees?

Bees are now considered the most important living being on earth. It is known that if they get extinguished, humanity will not last more than 10 years before following the same destiny. Some of the reasons why they are so important are all the work they do during the day, that is why beekeeping is such an important activity. Their main job is to produce honey, but this honey is produced with a really complex process that requires a lot of resources; the main resource needed is the pollen. Pollen recollection is the most important activity that bees carry out. This recollection causes the fundamental pollination; this is essential for every species in the world. Without it, plants would not be able to spread their seeds and genes, therefore, they would not proliferate. That is why directly or indirectly, every single food in the world depends on the pollination and without it, we would all starve to death.

Beekeepers, by taking care of the bees, they are taking care of the world, so it is fair that they get some better tools to stay safe while they are out in the wild doing their jobs collecting their economic product and helping bees. But first, it is important to understand what they do and how the mobile beekeepers work.

mobile beekeeper gas generator power source backup powerHow they work

The idea is to take advantage of the honey production by attracting the bees to the beekeepers to the truck to make them produce the honey in there and then driving them to places where they can find enough flowers to collect the pollen and increase the production. The beekeepers are designed to give the bees everything they need to produce the honey, so they will go and come back all the time. The farmers need to be driving everywhere to help the bees to find all the resources they need from flowers to accomplish their tasks, so the beekeepers spend a lot of time in the wild far from electric sources.

What they do

As a farmer, during the day, you will have to unpack the beehives from the truck to let the bees go out in the nature to find the precious pollen and feed themselves. Let them work while you admire the landscapes and recollect the honey produced in the beehives. You should also take out your solar power station (PS300) and solar panel, put them under the sun to store the energy for your devices in case that you need them for an emergency or just for entertaining yourself out in the wild. Remember that when the sun goes down the mountain, you will need electric energy to power the led lights that you will use to guide the bees back into the beehives. The solar panel generator you activated during the day will have collected enough energy to fully charge a computer 7 times or a smartphone 40 times. With this small solar power system kit, you will be able to charge your phone while playing music while having enough light in your led lights to work in your beehives.

It is really unlikely that you drain off the power of the PS300 before the sun starts shining up in the sky again. So do not worry about having an emergency and needing to charge your phone because the lithium power portable station will always have enough juice to save you. The solar panel generator will be working during the day to collect energy even if you are using it or if it is moving. It is powerful enough to get completely charged by the sun in 12 hours or less. That’s why it is almost impossible to exhaust the battery.

That is the life of a mobile beekeeper and that is the best way they can stay connected with their devices without the worry that their batteries drain out. The solar panel generator is one of the best tools they can start carrying around in their wild journey to stay safe with an almost renewable energy source. It does not matter what they need energy for, the solar power generator is more than enough to collect more energy than you would need during the day for the entire night. They can go out there to work with the bees, just as the bees go out there without worrying about where they will come back to. The beehives will always be there for them.


September 17, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang