1、Performance comparison of NMC and LFP batteries: LFP batteries:Nominal Voltage 3.2-3.3V

NMC batteries:3.6-3.7V
LFP batteries’s advantages
:Long-life Span ,excellent performance of over charge and over discharge .
NMC batteries’s advantages
:High energy densityGood performance for Low temperatureSmall volumeGood discharging liner performance.

LFP batteries’s disadvantages:Big sizeheavyMiddle discharging liner performanceMiddle performance for Low temperature.

2、Performance comparison of NMC batteries and LFP batteries:Low temperature performance.
LFP batteries’s low temperature performance is not that good.Under 0-5°C in the winterLFP batteries’s working efficiency is about 75% of summer’s.In the condition of high power and high currentit’s working efficiency is getting more lowAt the same temperatureNMC batteries’s working efficiency is 90% of summer’s.The efficiency also getting lowbut not that serious.It depends on the weather,so it’s very necessary for different area customer to consider the weather condition while choosing LFP batteries’s material

3、Performance comparison of MNC and LFP batteries :Discharge liner performance. Discharge liner performance that meansthe relation between residual electricity and voltage.Base on LFP batteries’s featuredischarge is with high voltage area platform voltage area and low voltage area.And the voltage reduces very fast in the area of high and low voltage area ,then reduces very slowly in the area of platform voltage area.So you can see the voltage drops very fast at the fist use of a full charge batteries it drops slowly when gets into platform voltage

area ,After releasing about 80%-90% capacityIt gets into the low voltage area.On the positive sidethe main discharge area is very gentle.On the negative side,It’s difficult for users to judge the amount of residual electricity according to the voltage display data.

Base on normal temperature 25°CLEP batteries and NMC batteries’s is very close at high temperature 55°C and at normal temperature 25°C.But under -20°C,NMC batteries is better than LEP batteries.

Over charge and over discharge function.

One of the major advantages of LFP batteries is to withstand over charge and over discharge.General speakingit’s not very dangerous for LFP batteries to overcharge up to 5V in a short time. It makes little impact to performance even release excess electricity immediately
For Mn-Zn batteriesthere will be obvious over charge reaction while up to 5Vand it cause great damage to the electric core also.LFP batteries can be restored at 0V during overcharge (performance may getting low),but NMC batteries will be scrapped at 0V.In summaryLFP batteries has better overcharge and over discharge performance.Actuallybecause the steep curve of LFP batteries in high and low voltage areaeven a small amount of electricity can cause a significant change in voltageThe facts are just the opposite of what they literally mean.For exampleLFP batteries and NMC batteries with the same capacity,Under the condition of full charge, charge test is done in series.Voltage of LEP batteries will rise very quicklyand the Mn-Zn series will be scrapped;Same as over discharge testing,If it’s a single batteries ,the limited of over discharge is 0VIn actual batteries, excessive 0 V will not stop, and the batteries will quickly become negative pressure leading to scrap.

lithium battery

4、Comparative analysis of charge and discharge efficiency of LPF VS NMC battery


cell for portable power station

According to the form, we can see when charging in 10C condition, the constant current rate of NMC and LFP are almost similar. But when higher than 10C, the LFP constant current rate and

dropping very fast.

5、Performance parameter comparison of NMC and LFP: energy density.
The energy density of LFP is about 90-120Wh/kg, and NMC is about 200Wh/kg. NMC has more advantages than LFP. The volume is a big disadvantage of LFP. In the same dimension, if LFP is 10AH, then NMC can be over than 15AH. This is a very big difference of big generator battery pack.

6、Performance parameter comparison of NMC and LFP:Life cycle LFP: Keep 80% after 2500 cycles;
NMC: Keep 80% after 1000 cycles



7、Safety comparison of NMC and LFP.
In terms of material system, the decomposition temperature of the NMC cathode material is around 200°C, LFP is 700°C. Short-circuit LFP cells in the laboratory test environment, basically

no fire occurs, but NMC may yes. NMC has higher requirements on thermal management. For vehicle battery pack, it’s more safety as with BMS management,the battery can work in a very good condition.

The advantages and disadvantages of NMC and LFP in generator battery pack: NMC has more advantages on energy efficiencypowerlarge rate charginglow temperature performance etc. But LFP is better in cycle life and safety.

November 07, 2019 — Davy Liu