Charging stations come in two forms - one that powers each device together, and one that ACTS as an attractive dock or organizer, allowing you to neatly weave the wires and avoid tangles. Depending on your needs, a charging station is perfect for you. No matter how many devices you have at home or if you just want to get your desk organized, this is a great charging organization.

72W iForway USB charge station dock

Why? - 8 reasons to choose  iForway   charge station

Bring us fun.

When our friends and colleagues want to get together to play games, we don't need to pull a few sockets. A few people sit together to chat and enjoy the fun of getting together.

Teach us to arrange

The purpose of buying this phone is to save 8 people from having to find a place to charge their batteries, and to deal with the phone and the charging cable lying around. There are too many devices and a few plugs. We always leave it behind and forget where it is stored

To save time

 If you are a man who often to use mobile phones and tablet, to keep the connection you have to keep track of the number of chargers, go find a convenient charging excessive organizers must meet want to several equipment power supply at the same time, need a lot of plug, if not, can only, etc., a a charge, wasted a lot of time, charging station can save time for us.

 The power and output are very suitable

You can take anywhere, whether you are on a plane or on a high-speed train, and you can take the 72W portable charging station with you. Small size, easy to carry, (Product Dimensions 182 x 120 x 36 mm; Product weight 1.5 pound) does not occupy the position, and goes out with friends and takes a charging station for one person, which can be used by several people at the same time, without requiring everyone to bring a plug.

best port USB charge station for your device

Intelligent technology

 Built-in surge protection to prevent overcharging, short circuit, surge, overvoltage, over current and overheat. Make sure to provide stable power output to each device with high safety factor. Do not be afraid of short circuit caused by power supply of multiple devices and stop working. When the charging indicator light is on, and the device is charged and closed, the charging is completed. It's also good that the charging lights don't go on in the gap, the  camera is inserted because it can be differentiated into a constant power charging device.

Easy to carry, the operation space

You can be in any slot insert frequency divider, you can adjust your phone tablet, push the divider to the bottom of the slot, so the USB charging station frequency divider will firmly stand up, to accommodate any device or IPAD pro, etc. Can be removed when not, we can charge mobile phone while watching TV, can need not hand, it also can be used as a mobile phone support, very convenient. You can use long or short USB chargers. There is one central wall plug.

Quick charging speed.

Using this portable charging station to charge your device is very fast, about twice the normal charging speed, allowing you to charge the device faster and do what you want to do. Here are some product information.

Output supports charging any 0- 2.4A Usb electronic equipment.

AC Input: 100V- 240V, 50-60Hz .

 USB Output: 5V/ 2.4A *8    

Max Power: 72W, available in any country.

 8-port USB charge station for familyMultiple devices supply power at the same time, which works well for the family

If we have a big family with at least four people, each with their own electronic devices, each adult with a mobile phone, and children with smart watches, tablets, earphones and sockets, we need many more, which can save us money. If our family goes out to play, the living place will certainly not be like home, children playing with their own electronic devices when the phone is out of power, several children scramble to plug the socket to charge, this eight USB charging point charging station resolved the awkward conflict between children. It can also charge the USB fan, USB lamp, bracelet, blue-tooth headset, mobile phone and tablet, which are very convenient and powerful. This USB charging station is a very useful gadget for the whole family.

September 19, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang