Delayed Photography Shooting

If you are not familiar with this topic, then you either had not heard of it or missed it when it was mention in the conglomeration of photographic minds. With delayed or time-lapse photography, photographers can take sequential photos captured over a period of hours, and then compress all of them into a video that will last about only a few minutes. The end product of this feat allows you to observe a slowly changing scene at a much faster pace, opening up a whole new perspective of photography to you. When you compress this slowly evolving process, the objects or scenes which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye will yield what can be vouched for as a spectacular and wonderful view – when done correctly, of course.

Seasoned photographers such as Gavin Heffeman and Harun Mehmedinovi put this delayed/time-lapse tactic into their employ while shooting the Grand Canyon and the Navajo Monument Valley in the United States. They created lots of starry sceneries – works that are now acknowledged as masterpieces. The process is time demanding, and to get their cloud-sea video required you to take along with you series of equipment in order to get the best of views. You can end up with thousands of shots and make use of a dozen cameras, but the one challenge is getting reliable, portable power source for your sessions. The best way to do this is to improve your photography arsenal with some outdoor gadgets that will help you with pictures and power supply, the one steady enough for you to finally get that three-minute masterpiece that would sell your brand.

portable solar generator for photographic art


Basically, you will need some really handy gadgets with features that will do very well for your outdoor photography. There is the DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera which has the ability to shoot up to 700 pictures, with a 7V-7.4V The gadget combines the optics and mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed to photographic film. With this camera, you will be able to take hundreds of highly-resolved, delayed pictures during your outdoor shootings. Also, for the fact that you will need to be continually improving yourself, it would be perfect to add this new gizmo to your arsenal.

Mobile Phones

Then there are mobile phones. They may sound and look simple, but these gizmos as of recent are now built with delayed photography functions that will allow you to take incredible outdoor images with impressive quality and resolution. These smartphones are out there in the market; you just have to do your homework to find them. Mobile phones are also good because they are in fact mobile; you can take them anywhere and anytime for snapshots when you don’t have your camera nearby.


Laptops are a must-have in your photography arsenal because there is no doing without them once you are outdoors. The pictures the cameras will be taking will need to be edited and compressed using computers, so you need to take them along with you. Besides, every photographer needs one of these computers to give their work the final finishing.

Hard Disk

Professional photographers will tell you that for every shooting trip, you need backup memory. That laptop may just start acting redundant, and you wouldn’t want to lose an entire day’s work over some technical glitch in your computer or camera card – so that’s why you need an external hard disk to quickly store your photos once you are done working on them.


You definitely don’t want to become the next Bear Grills or Tarzan, so you need a GPS to know your location and find your way. Usually, photographers used mobile phones as GPS, but sometimes mobile phones' maps are not available for some remote regions you wish to cover.


So now, we are down to business. There is really not much point carrying the aforementioned gadgets for your shooting without being assured that they’d last throughout the day. Except you are hoping for something miraculous to happen, you need backup power to get the job done.

First, you need a replacement battery for when the first one dies out. Replacement batteries need to be fast, usable and reliable for all-day use. If you are going to be driving to the location, charge the batteries with a car inverter. The good news is we have the best portable power bank in store for you. If you are looking for a portable solar power generator, one that can fast-charge several devices at the same time, then it is the waterproof iForway. This station supplies power for car refrigerators, drones, laptops and cameras amongst more.

The iForway PS220C has a maximum power point technology that allows you to prove highly-efficient power when you recharge from the sun by connecting a compatible solar panel. You can charge it with your car and wall adapter as well. The station can run your TV and stand-on fan, which makes it great for road trips and camping. This best portable power bank is weather resistant, and you will very much enjoy its value when using it in the field or depending on it in the case of an emergency.

portable  solar charger for photographer

iForway power station for photographers can keep all your gear running indoors and outdoors, providing you with all-around power without generating noise, fumes or maintenance like that of the traditional gasoline-powered generator. It also serves as light during nightfall, as the PS220 contains a powerful torch, as well as, LED that helps you stay accustomed to the dark.   It has a quick charger 3.0 USB system that identifies what you plug in and charges it efficiently without overcharging or overheating.

The iForway power station has a long-lasting battery life with 200W capacity that can power every of your gadget back to back. If you arrive at a remote location without a walker, then iForway ps220 (PowerElf Lithium Portable Power Station) is a good choice.

October 10, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang