If you travel from one place to the next very often, then it’s a super good idea to purchase a mini charging station or a power adapter that works in multiple regions. Why does that happen? Different countries come with different plugs and voltages. So either you are unable to use the current power adapter, or it will work but it will fry your devices basically.

what shall i take necessary when i go to travel in the world

The current trend right now is to have people visit more than a single country. Life is short, so people want to experience new and exciting moments and locations as much as possible. So they do end up going from country to country!

The problem here is that once you start using your power bank usb wall charger without making sure it works in that country, you risk destroying your device. After all, modern devices are very sensitive, so the last thing you want is to destroy them with an electric shock. There are multiple things you want to consider here, but using a good two USB charging head or a 2 usb charge dock, portable power bank is a great idea here.

How can you solve the socket problem?

Getting multiple plugs with you doesn’t make sense, especially if you need a separate one for each device. Tech enthusiasts should then have dozens of original and replacement plugs with them, and that’s super inconvenient. But what solutions do you have?

Take different plugs when you travel around the world! This is obviously a problem, as you need to carry all that stuff with you. Airplane luggage allotment is limited, and you may want to carry other stuff with you, not so many chargers.

Buying a charger in every country doesn’t help, because you may go over the weight limit with your luggage. Plus, you may not be able to use the adapter again, so that can also be quite the issue in that perspective.

Then you can also try to borrow a power adapter from a friend. But this won’t work all the time, maybe a friend doesn’t have the exact adapter that you really need. So yes, you really have to scour the market for some ideas as you try to find the perfect ones.

C2001_portable charger 2 in 1 power bank

Is there a better solution?

Yes, instead of just getting multiple chargers and plugs you can just purchase a power bank usb wall charger. The C2001 product is designed to offer you all the quality and value you want without any hassle. It works extremely well and you can adjust or adapt it to your own needs.

The C2001 is a 2 usb charge dock and a portable power bank too. Which means you can plug the switch plug into the wall and use it. And you can also charge the other plug from it if you want to. The C2001 is very convenient and it can work in most countries without any hassle.

On top of that, the unit comes with emergency power outage limits. This way you always know if there are any problems with the charging process, if the charging is complete and so on. All these things will make your wall charger with USB one of the best models that you can find on the market.

The C2001 can also do plug conversion, it can also offer mobile power when you charge your phone. Also, the product is automatically charging as it charges your devices too. What this means is that you can use it as a power bank USB wall charger that will give you all the benefits and value that you may need from something like this. Since everything is adaptable and adjustable to your needs, the quality and value can indeed be among some of the best on the market.

How big is the  C2001 portable charger?

Yes, the C2001 is a very portable unit. It has a net weight of 120g and it’s also small. Its dimensions are 72x57x34 mm. That makes it extremely easy to take with you during any trip. The unit works great in Europe as well as any other country out there. It’s super adaptable and adjustable, and you will have no problem enjoying the great experience that it delivers. You do need to at least check it out for yourself and see if it works for you or not.

small size power bank with ac plug

Since it’s a power bank usb wall charger too, it will hold up to 3350 mAh. That will be enough to fully charge most of the modern phones. Which makes it a very useful and reliable tool for you to take into consideration. You can use the C2001 to charge phones, pads and any electric devices that have an USB input. It’s the USB support that makes the product so good, because you can easily use it with a huge range of devices.

Plus, it’s the super ease of use that you will enjoy having here. The product is super reliable and it always delivers exactly the type of features you want from a good charger. The fact that you have a two usb charging head is what really pays off with it. The mini charging station becomes super useful especially if you travel with a friend or colleague and they don’t have a good charger either.

Thanks to the C2001 you can easily charge and use more than a single electronic device at the same time without any effort.

If you always wanted a portable power bank and a wall charger with usb, then the C2001 is the right model for you. It works very well and it can be adjusted and adapted to your own needs. It always delivers a great experience, all while making sure that you will enjoy the results no matter what. Rest assured that the quality you can get with the C2001 is super impressive and unique. It’s not going to be easy, true, but the adaptability and quality shared here is what you will enjoy immensely in the end!

September 14, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang