Nowadays, camping is one of the most popular activities to do during the summer. It is great way to breathe some fresh air, get some exercise, get out of the routine of the city and make some amazing memories with friends or family. Camping combines several of the most fun activities you can do, such as fishing –if there is a lake, of course-, singing around a fire pit, barbequing, watching the stars at night and playing friendly football matches.

 Camping with CPAP Power Solutions from iForway

While there are several physical, social and psychological advantages that come with going camping during the summer, the lack of electricity might be a problem, especially for people with breathing disorders who need a CPAP (Constant Positive Air Pressure) device. While all people can benefit from camping to reduce feelings of loneliness, to start making some lifestyle changes or to meet more like-minded people, if you need a CPAP device for your breathing problems you might be worrying a little about camping where there is no electricity.

 camping gear power supply solution

  1. What happens if the ventilator runs out of power at the middle of your camping trip?


This is probably the biggest concern among people with breathing problems when they think about going on a camping trip.  As you might imagine, there are several ways to keep the ventilator in your CPAP device running for as long as you need it. Some of them might be too pricy –like renting a campervan- and some of them can be simply unpractical, as you will see below. The best option, generally speaking, is to look for a portable solar generator to use as a portable power supply, but how are you supposed to know what to look for in your solar power station? Well, just keep reading and you will certainly find out.


The simplest method is, of course, just saving as much battery as you can, but the truth is that you need you device when you need it and you can’t be worrying about your device’s battery your entire trip. So, what could you do?


The first obvious option is to just take several batteries with you. The problem with this solution is that carrying around many batteries would be very annoying and unpractical, and since they only last about eight hours each, you will need at least one for every night of camping and possibly some more for emergencies.


This is when the best choice comes into the game: a portable solar rechargeable generator is perfectly appropriate for camping trips. When you are camping you literally have access to sunlight twelve hours a day, as you will be spending most of the day outside, and a solar power generator can certainly recharge your CPAP without having to carry around several CPAP power backup.


So, which is the best option? First, you are going to want a solar charger that it is truly portable, lightweight, convenient, and durable and especially one that can provide enough battery for your CPAP. The PS220, conveniently, has every one of these features. We will review them soon enough.

 powerelf ps220c power station for RV camping

  1. What are the best features about PS220?


The PS220 solar charger has many features that can make your camping trip a delightful experience. Here are some of them:


  • No noise: People with breathing problems also tend to have difficulty sleeping and be easily disturbed by external noises. While many solar generators tend to be noisy, the PS220 makes absolutely no noise and recharges your CPAP device while you enjoy a good night sleep.


  • Waterproof: The thing about camping trips is that they are usually messy. You go swimming, start a fire pit or even get caught by rain, and most solar powered generators are not durable enough to endure these kinds of conditions. Well, just so you know, the PS220 is waterproof so you are guaranteed to have a CPAP power backup any time you need it, even if it rains or if it accidentally gets wet.


  • The power issue: A regular CPAP ventilator generally requires a power outlet of 12V or 24V, and there are many solar power station for camping that are not compatible. The good thing about the PS220 is that not only it is compatible with your CPAP device, but it also can charge your phone or power small ventilators, fans or outdoor lights at the same time.


  • Long battery life: The PS220 uses the energy from the sun and includes solar panels to do it, but, when compared to other solar power stations for camping, it has a longer battery life and can be recharged every day to guarantee that you have electricity at night.


  • Versatile and fast: Imagine this scene: You are on a camping trip with your family and after a very fun match of soccer, your kids go rest a little while charging their phones to upload pictures of their trip. At the same time, your adult friends plug in a stereo to get the party started and you even plug in a microwave to cook some things faster. If you are getting the point, you probably imagined a PS220 at the center of it all. It is versatile, backwards compatible and charges any device really fast!
September 10, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang