Evolved again, iForway portable power station started to Crowdfunding in Makuake.

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Makuake founded in 2013, which is one of the most famous crowdfunding platforms in Japan. Many well-known brand and product crowdfunding here.

iForway newest portable power station PS105 also started to crowdfunding in Makuake from 20th April, 2020 to 29th May,2020


  1. PS105 is a portable power station which crystallizes the latest pure sine wave AC and bidirectional Type-C technology.
  2. A wide variety of output port ensures power to various devices. Always stand by to respond various emergencies.
  3. Huge capacity and compact size, making it easy to carry. Highly recommended for business travel.

iForway Portable Power Station PS105 Debut

The iForway portable power source series has accumulated a cumulative sales record of over 2000 units since it was first released in Japan in 2018.

We are proud to introduce the new iForway product-PS105 with the latest industry technology. To meet the newest market demands.

With 154Wh capacity, abundant output port and easy-to-carry design, it can be used in various scenes. We hope to deliver it to many people.

* Note: the AC output port of actual product may different from the image, because the images are only design concept drawing, not real products.

portable power station

iForway Performance 

Since the debut in Japan in 2018, iForway has released two series of PS300 and ELF, and has achieved a cumulative total of 2000 units through online sales, mass retailers (such as Yodobashi cameras and Bic cameras) and home centers.

 crowdfunding for iforway power station



After the first time issued in the home appliance magazine “家电批评”.iForway PS300 has won the BUST BUY Award in this category among 10 different brands, because of its versatility and high capacity

 Best Portable Solar Generator in Japan


Estimated charging time and charging times for each device

working time for devices 

What can it power?

power for anything when power outage 

The output versatility of iForway series products has been recognized by the market. New item PS105 well inherits this good function. It features a 160W AC outlet,2*USB-A Up to 2.4A,Power delivery 60W USB-C fast charging portDC12V/24V port to power different kinds of devices.

cpap battery


Pure sine wave AC output, friendly to electrical products

PS105 use Pure sine wave AC output, similar as general household outlets, so it is compatible with many electrical products. (It is necessary to check the voltage and frequency before using the AC output).

Please note that the square wave and modified sine wave AC output may cause a failure depending on the device.

160W AC output 

Bidirectional Type-C port which is more convenient for charging/discharging.

PS105 has a power delivery USB-C port support PD60W for both input and output. So it has the ability to power more devices

power for latops

Besides,the Nintendo Switch also can be charged, so you can fully enjoy the game without worrying about power when you are outside.

High versatility

PS105 also have 12V/24V option DC5521 port. This output type is more versatility , it can charging more devices including Photography equipment,CPAP medical machines

backup power for cpap machines


Newness of charging technology

Charging PS105 through the Type-C port which also serves as a output port.

so, you can charge it anytime, anywhere with a USB charging adapter instead of using a conventional heavy dedicated AC adapter.

power for game player Nitendo

Estimated charging time for each USB adapter

12W (5V / 2.4A): 15 ~ 16 hours

30W PD: 7 ~ 8 hours

60W PD: 3.5 ~ 4 hours

portable power station in 2020


Advanced BMS:

iForway attaches great importance to product safety, we protect batteries and terminals to prevent accidents with advanced battery management system (BMS) such as temperature control, overvoltage / overcurrent protection, and short circuit prevention.

Battery management system

Use high-quality lithium ion battery which uses for EV cars 

PS105 uses high-quality lithium ion battery(18650) which usually used in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, so it has better quality and durability than ordinary 18650 batteries.

power cell for super safe