The life of people in power cut is very inconvenient. Modern family life network, network television, network telephone. So when the house is dark, you can't watch TV, you can't heat the house, you can't cook, you can't bathe, you can't even make a phone call when your cell phone is out of power, you feel like you're derailing the world. So, emergency power supplies are of various help to us in our life. They are used in many scenes in our life and bring us a lot of convenience.

Generators can provide a convenient backup power source for your home during power outages or emergencies, and provide a good portable power source when camping. Natural disasters like snowstorms, storms, and earthquakes can also wreak havoc on power supplies, so we need to prepare a generator.

 solar power for our life

What factors should you consider when buying and using a generator?

Permanent or portable? Electric start or manual? What kind of socket do you need? Is it easy to use? Will the cost be too high, and what's the best value for money? Is there something else?

You also need to determine the electricity needs of your home. How much electricity do you need in a typical day? What kind of power supply do you want to use for outdoor camping and other outdoor activities? When natural disasters occur, when transportation is not convenient, what is the most suitable generator for their own use?

What power supplies are available

Solar power generators

Solar generators are clean, noiseless generators that can be charged directly using solar panels when the outdoors is sunny and can be recycled. Solar generators are especially suitable for sunny places.

- 600 w Iforway portable solar generator, an outdoor portable solar generator, can use all kinds of outdoor activities, you can also be used in some medical equipment, family go out camping, someone may night breathing has a problem, go camping time could stay longer, breathing machine electricity quickly, it can give you breathing machine power supply, we want to listen to music, look at books, also can, it is a Bluetooth speakers. This portable solar generator can be of great use in our daily life.

 Diesel generator

Diesel generators are generally suitable for factories and companies and can be used as backup power supply, but they are too expensive and uneconomical for our daily life. Diesel generators are too large and inconvenient to move.

When we are going to work with a generator for a long period of time, then this is suitable for us to use a diesel generator in general, but if we are going to use a diesel generator outdoors, the diesel generator is larger and has more noise than the gasoline generator. The diesel generator is not suitable for our outdoor activities.

 Gasoline generator

It can be used for important items such as fridges, fridges and microwave ovens. Electrical appliances can be easily powered from generators - they have electrical connections. It's harder to power something like your stove. It has a certain degree of difficulty when it is used. It has a certain degree of difficulty for people who do not know how to use it at home or outdoors.

However, the gasoline generator is too big to pollute the environment and has great long-term cost. It needs the fluctuation and instability of the gas price. Gasoline generators should not be used for too long and need to be cooled, or there is a danger.


Choose a power source that works best for you

According to their own needs, mainly used in what place, portable, power and so on a series of problems are considered good, to compromise, you will find that the solar energy is very suitable for portable generator as our emergency power, in our daily life, we want our body is healthy, not affected by emissions of air pollution for us, although fuel generator power strong enough, but we choose a portable emergency power supply or consideration, pollution, noise and other factors, we want to give our family a life without noise, no pollution of life, safety of life, The portable solar generator satisfies this series of ideas. We choose this emergency power source just for the sake of our family, and have a portable power source, which can be used to start your next family trip, so that the family does not have to live a outage life in outdoors.

 emergency solar power for daily lives

October 12, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang