When you need electricity in a hitch and there are no power sources nearby, a portable power generator can surely come in handy.

But the gas power generators that you will find in most stores have a few problems. First of all, they are big and cumbersome, as they have to have an engine with a fuel tank and an alternator to function properly. The second problem they have is that because they use gasoline and diesel most of the time, they pump all kinds of nasty pollutants into the air.

Plus, they are astronomically loud and the noise they make is god-awful.

So how can you get electricity without having to put up with a piece of machinery from the Stone Age that belches CO2 everywhere and tries to destroy your ears? By using a solar generator instead!

But what even is a solar generator?

A solar generator is essentially a solar panel hooked up to a battery or other portable power station that can be hooked up to whatever you have that needs electricity to function. Like normal power generators, they can be a life-saver when one of your devices is running low on battery, but there are some key differences between the two.

But what makes them so much better than ordinary gas-powered generators?

Solar power generators have all kinds of great advantages over gas and diesel power generators.

1.They’re far more portable

First of all, they are far more portable. With gas powered generators, you have to put up with a heavy and cumbersome piece of machinery that weighs you down wherever you go. Not only that, but you also have to carry what feels like miles of wires along with you to make sure that everything that needs electricity gets it.

On the other hand, all you need for a solar generator is the solar panel and battery, which are both far more portable than any gas powered generator could ever hope to be. Most batteries for these generators are small enough to be held in one hand, and the solar panels can be easily folded to make them easier to carry and stow.

2.They can store energy for later use

The second advantage these generators have over gas powered generators is their ability to store energy. With gas powered generators, you may be able to get your electricity instantly, but you can’t store that electricity for later use without having some other battery nearby.

Meanwhile, solar power generators have a battery that not only stores electricity when the sun isn’t out, but can store electricity to be used in other situations, even when you are on the go.

Sure, you may not be able to get your power instantly, but it sure beats being tethered to one spot by a bunch of cords leading to a gas power generator.

3. No need to put up with noise or annual maintenance

Another great advantage solar generators have over gas power generators is that they have no moving parts. This may sound innocuous and insignificant, but this mechanical fact works two massive wonders.

The first of these is that you won’t have to shout over the sound of a loud generator. Most gas generators make a loud and god-awful noise that forces you to shout to your friends to overcome the horrible noise they make.

With a solar power generator, you no longer have to put up with this and instead enjoy the beautiful scenery all around you.

The second advantage this yields is less maintenance compared to gas generators. Where a gas generator may require maintenance annually, a solar generator can stay in action for twenty to thirty years.

They also don’t have to be refuelled, making them a far better option during blackouts than a gas generator, as gas pumps require electricity to function.

4.Kinder to the environment

 Probably the greatest advantage solar generators have over gas power generators is that solar powered generators emit far less carbon emissions than gas powered generators. Because of this, you can rest assured that you are not polluting the beautiful environment around you.

That’s really cool! How can I use them?

 With these advantages in your arsenal, even entry-level solar generators are far more versatile than any gas powered generator on the market today. Because of this versatility, there are tons of great applications you can use them for. Here are just a few great examples.


One of the best ways to use a solar generator is on camping trips. You can take them camping just about anywhere since you will always have electricity when you need it. Sure it may not be instant, but it will always be there and you will have no need to refuel to keep things running smoothly.

2. As a backup power source

Another great way you can use a solar generator is to keep your home supplied with power if or when you are off the grid. Because they do not require any kind of fuel to function, they are a great way to keep the electricity flowing inside your home when all the power goes out.

3.Charging electric cars without hurting the environment

Owners of electric cars can also benefit greatly from having a solar power generator on hand as well. In fact, one argument against electric cars is that the electricity they use is coming from sources that are not environmentally friendly. But thanks to solar generators, electric car owners can sleep soundly, knowing that their car’s electricity is coming from a source that doesn’t hurt the environment.

 4.Construction and DIY

 But don’t think that solar power generators are only useful in residential settings. Construction is another great place where a solar power generator can come in handy. Electric construction tools like saws, compressors, and rechargeable hand tools like drills and impact drivers can also be recharged by small and simple power generators. Because of this, even the smallest of solar generators can prove greatly beneficial, whether you are your average DIYer or a working man on jobsites day in and day out.

 So, a solar power generator is more versatile, more portable, more efficient than a gas or diesel power generator could ever hope to be, while needing less work to maintain, pumping out less emissions, and making far less noise. With all of these advantages and more over gas and diesel power generators, what’s not to like?

September 15, 2020 — rex wong