An earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disasters in the planet. Thousands of cities sit in tectonic planes or earthquake-prone zones that could shift at any time, and an earthquake could strike anywhere.

How Earthquakes Affect our Lives

 An earthquake affects lives in the short or long term, depending on its strength. The most obvious impact would be death and physical injuries to people but there are social, economic and environmental effects as well.

 Earthquakes can temporarily stall a town or city because shops will have to close, especially if it has been badly hit and damaged. Businesses, work and schools can be suspended indefinitely until the rubble has been cleared. Structures, however, can still collapse even after the tremors have passed because of the instability, so there might be a need to evacuate and renovate.

 Power lines could also be temporarily cut off to prevent causing fires, explosions and further accidents, hence there could be a few days of power outages. Earthquakes can badly damage the electrical infrastructure, so depending on the integrity of the home or building, power interruption could happen for several days.  

Importance of Electricity after an Earthquake

Rebuilding after a natural disaster could take months but its imperative to have electricity back as soon as possible because it will be a huge help to getting life back to normal faster.


Without power, people lose the basic necessities:


  • Food won't last long since there's no working refrigerator.
  • Rescue and relief operations can't be done at night because there's no light.
  • Information or news cannot be relayed faster since there won't be TV or radio, and cellphones won't work because there's no way to charge up.


If you run a business or service or you’d like to help with the disaster relief after an earthquake, then you could consider using solar powered backup generators for your operations. 

If you’re safely in your house after an earthquake but the power lines have not yet been restored, then solar powered generators for home use could benefit your family, especially if the power outages will be longer and intermittent.

You could also invest in a PS300, which charges up tablets, laptops, cellphones and floodlights or LED TVs for hours. During emergencies, you'll find this power eco-friendly accessory is a lifesaver!

While there’s no way to avoid a natural disaster like an earthquake, there are plenty of things you can do before and after disaster strikes. As long as you're prepared for it, you can be confident you will make it through this trying time.

July 03, 2018 — Randy Long