The importance of electricity and power in our daily lives cannot be overstated. From keeping necessary appliances running to keeping our homes lit, it radically enhances our lives by facilitating essential processes. However, despite the apparent importance of electricity to our lives, it is quite unfortunate that the generation and supply of this vital component for our current existence still poses a problem in parts of the developing world.

 While a number of countries in the developed world appear to have gotten it right when it comes to efficient and environmentally-friendly methods of generating power - ensuring uninterrupted supply of the commodity - it is still a challenge to come up with what can be termed ‘barely enough’ for a fraction of the people living in the developing parts of the world. And in parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, say rural areas of Northern Tanzania for instance, it makes for even gloomier reading.

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This has informed the need for real sources of generating power supply in less developed areas and portable solar power generators represent a prime example. The situation in the earlier mentioned rural areas of Northern Tanzania epitomizes the power struggles in underdeveloped regions. The region is known to suffer the worst of the East African nation’s electricity problems. In rural Northern Tanzania, access to electricity remains a bedeviling problem. The national electric grid is yet to reach some parts of this region, and in areas where it has, the supply of electricity is unreliable and power is epileptic at best.


The kind of life that people live in rural areas of northern Tanzania

People living in rural Tanzania appear to be the worst hit by the shortage of power as most times; they are left with no choice but to walk several kilometers to neighboring cities like Arusha to get their mobile phone batteries recharged. Due to the lack of electricity, the entire area is helplessly plunged into pitch darkness every other night making for a depressing situation. Most homes resort to using candles, hurricane lanterns and other forms of natural lighting whenever nightfall looms. And this hardly helps the situation as the region is known to be notorious for heavy torrential rainfall and very dark skies.


The lack of power and constant rainfall makes the region unsuitable for habitation, but in spite of these drawbacks, rural Northern Tanzania is still home to a considerable fraction of the Tanzanian population. Ironic isn’t it? But that is just the case. A good number of people still throng the area and pitch their tent within the locale despite the lack of power, and this trend is believed to be motivated by the location of the region and some of its natural aesthetics. Rural Northern Tanzania is home to some amazing natural life and breathtaking scenery, and it is not uncommon to find people even migrating there from other regions regardless of its well-documented struggles with power supply.

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New technology to choose portable solar power generator

In any case, the looming power problems look set to become a thing of the past, and it has nothing to do with connecting the region to the grid. Help has come in the form of new technology, that is, portable solar power generators. These are clean, green, efficient, and reliable sources of electricity that can serve to eliminate the longstanding power problem and electrify rural Northern Tanzania. iForway Portable Solar Power Generators are ideal for this purpose. Such generators offer a range of options which make them one of the best 110V/220v portable power supply generators. It provides a variety of voltages depending on the requirements in different countries.

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They provide portable power supply for phones as these generators come with three 2.1A USB ports (including one fast-charging USB 3.0 port), four DC charging ports (one in carports), and two standard AC wall outlets as well, which makes it possible for the generator to charge up to 10 different devices at once. They can also charge tablets, laptops, cameras, and most small devices. iForway portable solar power generators do an excellent job of providing backup power for small appliances and more. It can be recharged from AC or solar panels which can be purchased separately. Such generators serve up a gas-free generator alternative; giving off no fumes and requiring no maintenance.


And these generators are perfect for the Tanzanian climate given the abundance of sunshine in the northern region. They can keep appliances and tools running ceaselessly throughout the day and even at night provided the generator is charged. The generator itself has a maximum power saving rating of 128,000mAh at 3.7V.

With its portable DC power supply, the portable solar generator is ideal for household use as it can provide up to four kinds of lighting including LED and flashlight which can serve to illuminate an entire home - which would be great at night for kids who are trying to do homework. It also offers a great option as a source of portable power supply for electronics - powering up home entertainment and utility appliances in households. It is versatile, expandable and capable of running some household appliances as well as tech gadgets. It would really come in handy in those parts of rural Northern Tanzania that are cut off from electricity supply.


These portable solar-powered generators are super cool as they come packed with fun features which include a Bluetooth speaker. They are also suitable for general equipment use. It comes in handy when handling photography equipment like tungsten lights, plasma lights, strobe lights and film equipment. They can also power low power tools rated below 300W like small drills. The device is pretty much lightweight too at just a little over 12 pounds. There is no talk of hauling around a bulky inverter as it is much like grabbing a briefcase and going on a casual stroll. This portability makes it easy to carry around to different places as need dictates, which is great for people who live even further off the grid or deep in the woods.


Essentially, the portable solar power generator possesses specifications and features which make it ideal for the power needs of rural regions of Northern Tanzania who have been cut off from the grid for so long, and with leasing options available for its procurement, it is now out to the reach of local people.

September 07, 2018 — Rex Wong