For outdoor adventures, hiking enthusiasts and other outdoor enthusiasts, the biggest nightmare, except for the rain and snow, the bad weather, blocked his outdoor activities, may be mobile phone or GPS power. After all, we need modern navigation and communication tools to keep in touch with the outside world.

camping solar  power station

Power type - how does the device power?

Including solar energy, wind power, gasoline power and rechargeable electricity (at home or with your car's 12V lighter). Battery Storage - Is a portable power supply just a charging device, or is it a storage charge itself, or even more useful? Including built-in batteries is valuable, especially solar charger. How much is the capacity? Power output is usually measured in milliamperes  (milliampere hours). Size / weight - How big and how many portable power gadgets are there? Small size and light weight are very important for backpacking and our outgoing activities. Keep in mind that larger devices usually have higher power output / capacity. Durability camping causes serious damage to outdoor equipment. Make sure that your power is ready for hot sun, snow, rain, bumps and bruises. How many charging ports are there in function equipment? These standard power outlets, USB ports..

This series of factors may be all we're thinking about, and we need to choose a very good source of motivation for us to go camping and accept natural activities.

Campers and hikers, and outdoor adventure lovers, now we have good news for iForway. A small variant has been launched, and its best-selling is ready to line up with its Explorer series. Therefore, it is quite portable and convenient for all your non grid trips.

Solar generator? First, it's a very clean energy source and has a good price-performance ratio, which can be compared with other similar products on Amazon. Second, it is highly portable. Solar power generators and collapsible solar panels are ideal for portable applications. Therefore, wherever you go, you must take the machine away. In places where natural conditions may not be particularly good, electricity is not fully developed, and portable solar generators and panels can bring light to people living in remote areas, who are reluctant to leave their homes, but we can bring convenience to them. Let them live in remote areas of the people to bring the insignificant light, night work, less damage to the eyes because there is no light.

Portable solar power generator?Portable emergency standby solar generator power will provide us with electrical energy, so we can still get very few luxuries and play with electronic devices, even without conventional power and plug-ins. We can plug in a camping radio, charge a cell phone, a laptop or an MP3 player, turn on a portable fan, watch a movie on a portable DVD player, light up your campsite, and more. So even if it's camping and other outdoor fun, even if it's just you and nature, you don't have to live like a caveman, away from the luxuries of your home. So you see, it's essential that you always have a very reliable portable solar generator with lithium-ion batteries, and we can charge it first, in case we need it urgently and for our outdoor activities in peacetime. There are always many unexpected blackouts in our lives that we don't have to worry about. We can light up our homes and not give them.

solar energy for hiking day

Especially when the batteries on our gadgets and portable devices are used up. It's not just whether it's a better alternative for us to use standby power outdoors, but also to use natural resources to power it, solar energy, so that we can extend our outdoor time and do more interesting things.

Portable generators allow you to bring your units whenever and wherever you want. Enthusiastic campers or those with huts may find portable generators as a second source of power, not to mention the popularity you attract as a good neighbor who is willing to take turns working with people around him. In fact, as long as the weather is clear, a little goodwill can lead to a lot of barbecue invitations, and free food is.

That's why we choose iForway portable solar power generators.

October 24, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang