Are you preparing to go for a picnic or camping soon? Would you like to stay entirely outdoor and undisturbed to finish your homework or work from the office? If yes it is very important to know that unpleasant experiences may occur when picnic lovers and campers have their time out cut short and abandoned because their recreational vehicle either a mudrooms, campervans and caravans ,fifth wheel trailers ,popup campers and truck campers runs out of power and in such scenarios the individuals rue their inability to own a back- up device for power. Well when your recreational vehicle runs out of power, you can supply power to the electric equipment in the RV so as to take care of emergencies and situations that may occur when you stop to set up a tent ,have a picnic ,take photos or when you leave the trailer for your homework .Most importantly you need a back- up for power supply so as to prolong the time of your recreational vehicle {RV} travel outdoors.

solar charger for van life

 How do you go about solving such problem?

A folding portable solar panel connected with a MPPT controller to maximally extract power will surely do the trick. What’s MPPT? It is an acronym for “Maximum Power Point Tracking” which is an algorithm included in charge controller used for extracting maximum available power from photovoltaic [PV] solar system under certain condition. Using a solar panel is very encouraging as it can not only be used on the trailer ,it can also be packed away and used as an emergency power source anywhere which makes it very convenient . More so,  a MPPT controller solar panel improves the charging efficiency as said earlier. What model and type of solar power generator do i use to obtain the best result? If the solution to the insufficient power supply must last long then the solar panels have to be used with the unique “600W Portable solar generator iForway” [PS300] which has a continuous 300W,600W surge pure-sine wave inverter,2.1A USB ports to charge phones, tablets, laptops ,other small devices ,base camps, RVs and off-the-grid homes. .It is in no way a heavy burden as it is only about 12 pounds and has a handle which allows you t firmly hold unto it when moving .The portable solar energy generator is free of pollution, no noise, odorants will therefore causing no form of annoyance to you while in use. It is an excellent choice as an emergency power source. The device provides an uninterrupted power supply to you while on your recreational vehicle tour and thus hives yon  the opportunity to come with your common home devices eg fan, your music box, laptops, power banks, At this point you’re probably thinking .

solar generator and solar panel

how much power is enough for a RV trip?

 A 150W solar charging plate plus a 462WH portable solar generator is definitely enough for your RV trip, why say so?

Follow the calculation and you will see it as such: 150W solar panel, 150W/18V*12V*1hr= 0.1KWH ;

which is the storage of electricity per hour, in a day of 6hrs of sunlight that would equal 0.6KWH=0.1kwh*6;

and 600WH portable solar generator [PS300] ,462WH portable solar generator ,0.462KWH;


this value is sufficient to power your TV ,fan ,laptop ,computer ,mobile phones ,drone, power supply of refrigerator and other equipment. With the PS300 you never have to bother running out of power you are outdoor.


What additional experiences do you get when you use the iForway solar powered generator?

 The portable solar powered generator comes with a Bluetooth speaker that allows you as a picnic lover to change the atmosphere especially when your picnic partner is yuck lover ,increase its volume and get the party started either at a late night camping spot of anywhere outdoor. You can also use it as a form of mind relaxation while reading .

The PS300 portable solar powered generator has bright long lasting 5W torch for use outdoor and indoor serving as quick solution to any sudden blackout or any dark situation.

Three high speeds USB ports and one 60W USB-C ports which allows you to safely charge up to 4 devices at the same time. The PS300 is ultimately designed to simulate the sitting room atmosphere at picnics, and camps or anywhere outdoor. With the iForway solar powered generator you can easily pick any location outdoor as a picnic site or camping site .Whenever you feel  disturb indoor or while at work, you can simple hang on to this solar device and make your way outside and continue reading or working without having to worry about going back inside to recharge your gadgets. If there's an something still missing on your picnic gadget list then it the iForway solar powered generator (PS300) and until you put it on that list you haven't found a percent paring for your recreational vehicle tour.

solar energy for outdoor life


October 15, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang