When summer comes, everyone likes to enjoy outdoor leisure vacations with their families. How to ensure the power supply for digital products such as phones, laptops CPAPs machine, even power the car refrigerator, rice cooker and other equipment.If we can have a portable and durable solar power generator which can cook a good meal, boil hot water so that we may drink a cup of hot coffee when stay in tiny house, it will be certainly very comfortable.

Recently, iForway released a 500W portable solar powered generator, which will realize your little dream for you


iForway portable solar generator is designed to solve your power outage issues. It is a perfect portable power supply for outdoor activities and homes that require emergency or backup power. The good thing about this power station is that it works for nearly all electric devices that require less than 500W. Some of these devices include power bank, fan, drone, TV, lights, power bank, laptop, smartphone, camera, and mini-refrigerator. With 462Wh you are assured of extended power supply.

It has three USB output ports, one car output port, and two AC output ports.one USB-C PD 60W port to provide fast charging for laptops or phones, You can use this unit to power medium and small appliances such as toasters, ice makers,juicers,rice cookers,Kettle and more

Powers for Rice Cooker

First of all, we use the Philips rice cooker to cook a meal. The Philips rice cooker is rated at 400W and consumes 40% of the power of the outdoor power supply in 26 minutes. According to this consumption level, this energy storage power supply can be used for cooking 2 times.

 best solar powered generator can power for rice cooker

Powers for Outdoor Kettle

A cup of fragrant coffee is an indispensable enjoyment. This time we brought an outdoor kettle with a rated power of 650W. It took only 30 minutes and consumed 30% of the power of the outdoor portable power supply. The water boiled, according to this consumption level, this portabe solar power generator can boil water 3 times.

 solar powered generators designed to power for outdoor kettle

Best Power Source for Fans

On a hot summer day, fans are indispensable to enjoy the cool sea breeze. Life needs to be so beautiful. An electric fan with a rated power of 65W consumes 10% of the energy of the solar energy storage power supply in 60 minutes. According to this consumption level, this new product can be used by the fan for 10 hours.

 best battery powered station for fans

Solar Panel Support

iForway best solar power generators supports a maximum of 200W solar panels. It utilizes MPPT charging technology for maximum efficiency. You can use any solar panel, I recommend a foldable one for traveling. A 200W panel can fully recharge PowerElf500 in around 4 hours (provided perfect sunlight)

outback power solar generator

If I am hard-pressed on Budget, I would go with iForway PowerElf 500, it is cheap and best,Take it with you and go out to enjoy your wonderful vacation immediately.

May 26, 2020 — LiuDavy