Traditionally, remote life has always been characterized by missing links due to the lack of power. A day outdoors away from the normal life is usually enough to disconnect you from family and the rest of world as your electronics’ batteries soon fail. Lack of communication and of entertainment has always been a challenge to most trekkers and vacationers far from home.  Latest ingenuity however, has ensured that you can have unlimited access to your gadgets as long as possible. There are many options in portable power solutions to choose. Life in the outdoors does not have to be lonesome anymore. You can carry along your electronics and enjoy the comfort and entertainment you need out in the wild.

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Portable Power solutions

Today, there is easy access to affordable and reliable portable power supply if you have the knowledge of the latest products on the market. These gadgets are also cheap and rugged to withstand the harsh environment outdoors. For example, they are built with fine endings and rubber exterior material to reduce the shock from drops and rocks. Although they will eventually fail, they take a long time to do so if taken with care by the owner. Engineers of portable power for camping focus on longevity of the gadgets. Most of them sustain maximum consistent use to averagely 30 hours. This is enough time for the next charge.


In summer, you will need cool drinks such as iced soda water or ice cream. You may also need to warm food for the rest of the family and friends.  During the night, you will probably need lighting for most part of the night if you are having a mini-party.

Apart from campers, hikers, and trekkers, other people who rely on portable power sources are fishermen, trail runners, hunters, and other private vacationers. The above people are mostly available in summer. In winter, however, there is most fun in skiing, mountaineering, and fishing in ice. Portable electronics with rechargeable or long life batteries should be part of essential gear for the expedition.

Power Solar generators

Power generators in the remote locations is of vital importance because you may run out of charge even in portable chargers. Uninterruptible power solar generators are a good solution for power failure when spending much of your time out of civilization. Many of these gadgets are designed for the comfort of rooms. Rugged power generators are increasingly becoming popular. They have in-built circuit boards designed to withstand harsh conditions like moisture and dust. The exterior is also enhanced with tough material that is resistant to knocks and scratches.  Most importantly, they help serve a myriad of functions from charging functions to powering a mini-fridge.

When outdoors, you may want to hold a small party where music is essential. You will need enough power to sustain loud music for the night. You also need wireless gadgets that that are Bluetooth enabled. These gadgets need to be rechargeable and with long battery-lives or you will spoil the party.

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Solar Power

Solar Generators are the most efficient sources of power. They use the Sun’s rays as the source of energy. Solar Panels convert this energy and store it for you as AC power. You do not have to worry about the safety of your children who might get electrocuted. Compared to a fuel-powered generator, a portable solar generator is easy to use and safe. This is the safest portable AC power generator. They are 100% environment friendly because they produce no harmful gas like other generators. There is no risk of flammable material and they are silent too to reduce distractions.

What makes solar the best portable power supply is the low cost of electricity generation. They do need fuel since they use the Sun’s rays hence the zero cost incurred. They are also very durable, as they do not have moving parts that need renovations or servicing. They are the easiest to handle and most reliable to use anywhere.

The traditional portable 12V DC power source has a good reputation as it has served many users over the users before the advancement of power generators. For a long time it has proved useful for both minor uses and major backup especially when boosted with other power sources. It can still be essential in providing adequate lighting for a considerable amount of time but is limited to a few bulbs. It has helped to jump start vehicles, power computers, and music systems. The latest devices come with multiple USB charging ports to serve the latest demands of smartphones and other USB enabled devices.  You may also need it for charging the camera.


If you are a nature-going lover, portable power for camping is essential to help you sustain your entertainment and comfort. You can easily warm food, cool drinks, listen to your favorite music, catchup and communicate to the rest of the world with simple light portable gadgets at affordable prices. Current ingenuity and technology advancement has made it possible to access many portable power sources cheaply. Among the most effective power generators are solar power generators. First, assess your electricity needs for your camp before determining the type of power supply that will work. Strive to find out the latest technology so that you can benefit from the latest solutions.

August 28, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang