What is a solar generator?

Solar generator is an integrated solar power generation system, the battery, controller and inverter are concentrated in a system main box inside, with a solar panel placed in the sun can generate electricity, very convenient to use, want to put where you want to use it. Why is it called a generator? Strictly speaking, solar power generation system can not be called a generator, but an energy storage device. Because electricity is generated by the solar panel receiving solar radiation, the generated electricity is stored in the system host, to use when the output.

 portable solar power generator

Difference between gasoline generator and solar generator

Speaking of generators, people naturally think of gasoline generators, which are real generators. Its electricity is produced by burning gasoline, which is completely different from the principle of a solar generator. Gasoline generators consume fossil fuels, generating electricity with the process of fuel combustion, resulting in harmful gases; while solar generators consume solar light, in addition to generating electricity, the entire process does not produce any substances. That's why solar generators don't affect the environment, and that's the most important difference.

 Gasoline generators have no energy storage function, and can only be powered by non-stop gasoline burning. Solar generators are an energy storage device. The electricity generated by sunlight during the day is stored and can be used when you want to use it, so they can also be used as a backup power source.

 gas generator advantage

Instant power – With gas generators, as long as they are on, they can produce power. This can be helpful when you are in an emergency and need immediate power. Solar generators require a bit of a charge before they can work.

Anytime use – Gas generators can be used day or night, as they aren’t required to have sunlight. They can also be used during inclement weather if they are in a covered (but well ventilated) area such as a patio, which means you don’t have to keep them in the sun.

Smaller size – Some of the most powerful gas generators available are still not much bigger than the less powerful units. This allows you to have a significant amount of power without having to worry about moving a giant unit around, or making space for the solar panels that solar generators use.


Gasoline generators are noisy, polluting and destroying the environment. Gasoline is not a renewable energy source.

Gasoline generators are also affected by the price of complementary gasoline, gasoline price fluctuations will affect the generator. Every time you use it, you must consume petrol. Every time you send electricity, it means cost.

gas generator power system 

Solar generators advantage

Uninterrupted Power Supply---solar generator have a few shortcomings, but they still offer plenty of advantages over gas  generators.– With solar generators, you don’t have to worry about constantly feeding it gas, and having to go out and get     more when it runs out. As long as there is daylight, you’ve got power. This helps you save money over time, as well as the   convenience of not worrying about when you’ll have to go get more gas. Solar generators can be used in the presence of the sun, and they also have a savings power source. After use, solar panels can be used to generate electricity.

 no noise– If you’ve been around a gas generator, you’re very aware of how loud they can be. Some of the more powerful models can not only annoy you when they are on, but your neighbors in the area as well. This can prevent some people from using them at night, or at functions when the noise would be an issue. Solar generators are basically noise free. Since they gather their power from the sun and store it, you don’t have to worry about it making a sound at all, allowing you to use it any time of day.

Clean energy without pollution– Gas generators produce carbon monoxide then they are running. This is basically equivalent to a small car's exhaust. Because of this, gas generators have to be used outdoors, as carbon monoxide can be deadly in an enclosed space.

Simple operation--Solar generator is simple to operate, fool input and output, without installation and debugging, convenient and fast, in use without worrying about the use of problems.

Less investment for a long time---Solar generators can generate electricity from the sun, which is a one-off investment and free of charge.

Choose a generator that you think is the best.

 Personally, solar generators, gasoline generators and diesel generators are too polluting to the environment. In the long run, solar generators are also a very good choice. Gasoline generators have to have gasoline to use, and when the weather is bad and you can't get out, you don't have gasoline in reserve, and this is gasoline generators for us, it's a waste. Solar generators are more than just generators. It's also a reserve energy source. Whether you are on the road or at home, it can be used as a backup power source, which can be powered by solar panels. SO, solar generator is right option,  By comparison, choose the right generator according to your daily use .


September 28, 2018 — Randy Long