What is the difference between a portable power station and a diesel generator?

Advantages of diesel generators:

You can always generate electricity when you have oil

For diesel generators, electricity can be generated as long as there is oil.

Disadvantages of diesel generators:

1. Large size

Diesel generators are usually large, bulky, and unsuitable for camping.

2. Need to carry diesel

Diesel generators need to use diesel oil to work. When the diesel oil is used up, it cannot continue to work. If a large amount of power supply or long-term power supply is required, it is necessary to carry diesel oil separately.

3. Loud noise

When diesel generators are working, there will be very loud noises, and the impact of noise on life is terrifying.

4. Pollution of the environment

When the diesel generator is working, it will emit pollutants, which will pollute the air greatly, and it is not good for the human body.

The portable power station is essentially a portable and compact battery. It has a large capacity and it is very convenient to carry. Coupled with an inverter, it is almost the same as the AC power we use at home, and it can power more than 90% of the equipment. , no noise no pollution. This is why portable power stations can quickly replace diesel generators.

Advantages of portable power station:

1. They are more portable

Portable power stations are generally small and lightweight, making them easier to carry and do not require a separate cord to carry.

2. Use at any time

When the power is needed urgently, the portable power station can directly press the switch key to supply power, which is very fast. Unlike diesel generators, it needs to generate electricity before it can be used.

3. No noise

The portable power station is barely any noise, it's not like diesel generators, we don't need to put up with the yelling of diesel generators.

4. More environmentally friendly

The portable power station does not emit any smoke and protects the environment better, and the battery of the iForway portable power station uses a lithium iron phosphate battery, which is more environmentally friendly and has no pollution.

5. Powering Electric Vehicles

The portable power station can supply power to electric vehicles. When our electric vehicle is still a few kilometers away from the charging pile, and the electric vehicle is completely out of power at this time, the portable power station can charge the electric vehicle to ensure that we can reach the charging pile normally. .

Disadvantages of portable power stations:

Its shortcomings are also obvious. When our power is used up, we need to charge. The general power stations on the market have a long charging time, usually about 8 hours. During this period, we cannot continue to use the power station to supply power. iForway has two solutions for this problem. The first one is to use iForway's Supper-Q fast charging technology to charge from the wall plug, 1000W super fast charging input, and the charging speed has been greatly improved. Fully charged in about an hour. The second method is iForway's HS2000, which is the first battery detachable power station in the world. It can be equipped with multiple battery packs, and the battery pack can be switched in 8 seconds. The battery pack can also be charged separately, which completely solves the problem of power supply.

From the perspective of the difference between the two, it is normal for diesel generators to be replaced by portable power stations. Whether it is for camping trips or home backup, portable power stations are very suitable products, and the market demand is also increasing. If you also If you want to build your own power station brand, please tell us, iForway is one of the top portable power station manufacturers in China, which supports customized 100W-5KW capacity power stations, please tell us your needs.

June 01, 2022 — WongJarred