During the good times like weekends, many people plan to go camping, and the camping places are often far away from the power source. It will be very troublesome to have no electricity. At this time, the best option is to bring a portable power station to power the camping plan. So when we go camping, which portable power station is the best to bring?

HS300 Portable Power Station

HS300 Portable Power Station

The capacity of HS300 is 288Wh and the output power is 300W. When we bring HS300 to camping, we cannot use some high-power electrical appliances, such as kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens. HS300 is more suitable for camping without high-power electrical appliances. Supply power to small devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, car refrigerators, drones, cameras, ventilators, and mobile phones.

HS800 Portable Power Station

The HS800 has a capacity of 835Wh and an output power of 1000W. The HS800 provides more electricity than the HS300, and can supply power for a long time. It can also use rice cookers, electric drills, mixers and other products.

HS1000 Portable Power Station

HS1000 Portable Power Station

The HS1000 has a capacity of 1228Wh and an output power of 1000W. The HS1000 has more capacity than the HS800 and can support 1 hour of microwave use. The HS1000 is relatively suitable for RV travel and can drive some high-power electrical appliances.

HS2000 Portable Power Station

HS2000 Portable Power Station

The battery of HS2000 is detachable and can be superimposed infinitely in terms of capacity. A single battery has a capacity of 2000Wh and an output power of 2000W. The battery can be charged separately, and most electrical appliances can be used. Whether it is used for outdoor barbecues or outdoor operations, it is very suitable. More suitable for long distance camping.

HS3600 Portable Power Station

HS3600 Portable Power Station

The HS3600 has the characteristics of large capacity, the 2000W output supports almost all electrical appliances, and the 3248Wh capacity can supply power to the entire family, which is very suitable for outdoor parties.

From the above information, we can clearly see that the HS300 is more suitable for personal short-term camping use, both in terms of power and capacity. HS800 and HS1000 are more suitable for camping with three or two people. HS2000 and HS3600 are more powerful, suitable for outdoor gatherings and multi-person use.

May 23, 2022 — WongJarred