Now we live a fast-paced life, we often use mobile phones, computers and other devices, if you still choose ordinary can not be in the ordinary DC current, it seems that this is not satisfied with our status quo. We want to power our fans, small refrigerators, cameras, and other equipment. DC can't meet us. We need alternating current, which can give us all kinds of equipment like standard plugs used at home. AC power supply can better meet our needs, with lithium-ion battery portable power supply, or with pure sine wave inverter power supply, can provide power for our equipment. When we want to go out for activities like hiking, camping, adventure, where there is no outlet, no charge can be very useful to us, to solve our embarrassment at that time. In some emergencies, it can also be an emergency energy source, such as earthquakes, storms, natural disasters, and sudden lack of electricity at home, as our emergency power supply. When we go out to work, we can use it as a backup power source, without stopping our work. We may suddenly get an urgent task on the high-speed train, and need to make a speech PPT. We can plug in our computer right away and start our work directly.

 best solar charger outlet for life

Outdoor life, we just want to choose smaller bags, do not want to go out of their own good chic on the road to tired themselves, this is a very suitable for you want to get out of the city's noise, go outside to see different scenery and sunshine, meet the outdoor that is not too long days, not like nomads And live in a strange land without any dispute. We want to start light, a mobile phone, a power supply, a backpack, you can go, if you want to go abroad, you still have to take a good passport, or how do you go out? When we want to sit down for a while, maybe it's on our way on foot, when the cell phone is out of power, when we want to take a picture, or when we want to take a self-timer, it's important to have power. Bring our own wires, and even if we go to different countries, we can not worry about the converter. It is enough to satisfy our short outdoor life.


But if some outdoor professionals, such as professional photographers, outdoor explorers... What should they do if they want to leave the grid for a long time? They need to power their various devices, they will need more power supply, Charger is certainly not feasible, the output is best able to meet the device direct power supply. Be well prepared for outdoor camping and survival in the wild. Like IForway's three portable generators (PS100, PS220, PS300) is a large power portable generator, in the outdoor use of insufficient power, you can also use solar panels to directly charge, or to charge equipment, can be long-term recycling, equivalent to an uninterrupted power supply equipment. It can replace some power sources, like the many batteries we need to take when we go out to shoot for a long time, and that's not enough. The power is a bit trivial. Choose a 5-to 20-pound portable generator, fit it, pack it directly in our backpack, or throw it directly in a small foot. You don't have to worry about lighting outdoors. They bring four kinds of lights, like the PS300 and a Bluetooth speaker, to meet our car camping life for a while, to hold a concert, or to listen to music and read books when they're free. It's nice not to make any noise in our lives.

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Portable generators help us solve these problems. If we want to make use of them in factories or other places, it may not be the best choice. It is better not to use them when exceeding the maximum voltage. At this point, you need a larger voltage power supply. But don't waste the power of the portable generator, just charge the phone, so you don't put it in an inappropriate position, just like a wise man, let him go to the street to sweep the streets, don't use small things, so that the portable generator as much as possible to meet your different places.

October 17, 2018 — Evalyn Zhang