iForway The World’s First Battery-Replicable Power Station With 2000Wh Capacity

Portable Power Station

Most of the market portable power supplies are touted as large capacity, have a capacity of up to 1500Wh. Moreover, since the battery is built-in, if the battery runs out, it takes hours to recharge. In other words, capacity is not the only deciding factor for purchasing a portable power supplies.

Instead of a built-in type, iForway T-Rex contains a detachable battery whose capacity is available for 1600Wh, 2000Wh, 5000Wh, so if the battery level is low, you can replace it with another one and recharge the first one. Also, battery replacement is extremely easy, taking only 8 seconds.

What is iForway T-Rex?

iForway T-Rex is unlike any other portable power products ever made in the market. It is the next-generation power supply that makes many impressive improvements which are not just  simple as battery capacity increase / output increase. Since T-Rex goes beyond the framework of a portable power supply, we named the it 'Power Station'.

Capacity Extra Battery
2000Wh / 1616Wh optional Support up to swappable battery to extend any capacity you want
AC Output MPPT Solar
1200W max 12-60V/10A, 600W max
USB-A Output USB-A Fast Charge
AC : 2000W 4*QC3.0
USB-C Output Car Power Output
2x 100W PD 13.6V/8A
DC5521 Output AC Charging Input
2x 13.6V/8A Max 1000W AC Input
Solar Charging Input Car Charging Input
12~60V Max 600W 12~60V, Max 420W
Battery Chemistry Cycle Life
NCM 800 cycles to 80% capacity
Shelf Life Connection
1 year Wi-Fi
Net Weight Dimension
Approx. 48lbs 19.6*9.5*12 in

"Super-Q" Super Fast Charging Technology

iForway has developed its own Super-Q super-fast charging technology to reduce charging time. It reaches 1,000Wh per hour when charging with AC power and it takes only 2 hours to fully charge a battery with a capacity of 1,600Wh.

Best For Camping

Quiet, portable power supply with AC outlet, DC and USB ports made for outdoor recreations

Home Backup Power

Stock up on the backup power, gear up for any unexpected emergencies

17 Devices Charging

The iForway products are highly evaluated for their versatility.

Offline UPS

T-Rex with UPS function is recommended to protect important work data

Three Easy Ways To Charge

Wall outlet

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Solar Charging

T-Rex can input by solar power generation of up to 600W, and by using the MPPT method that can always control unstable voltage and power and take out the maximum amount of power, it is one rank higher even in solar charge.

Car Charging

There are three input terminals to T-Rex: AC, solar panel, and cigar socket. When AC and solar panels are not available, you can use automatic battery to charge T-Rex

What T-Rex Can Power


Q: What is the warranty period?

A: There is a one-year warranty from the time of shipment.

Q: What is the life of the product?

A: Due to the nature of the battery, there is no definite lifespan, but if you follow the correct usage, you can use it with more than 1000 cycle charges.
Battery consumption varies depending on the usage environment, but a "cycle" is used as an index to measure the life. One cycle refers to the state in which the battery is fully charged from 0% to full, and then the electricity is discharged to 0%. When using ‘Cycle’, if the battery capacity at the time of full charge at the time of purchase is 100%, after using 1000 cycles, it may be 80% of the battery capacity at the time of purchase even at full charge. It is supposed. In other words, reducing the "cycle" as much as possible is the key to making a product last longer. Please be sure to check the following notes so that you can use the product for a long time.
・ Charge once every few months even if you do not use it.
・ Do not set the battery to 0%.

Q: Do I need an AC adapter to charge?

A: No, you don't need an AC adapter. To charge T-Rex, you can use the included cable to charge it directly from an AC outlet.

Q: Is pass-through charging possible?

A: Yes, pass-through charging (power input from AC to the main unit is supplied to each device as it is) is supported. However, the condition for charging the built-in battery without exhausting it is when the input is from AC and the AC output is 1600 W or less. When power is supplied to each device through the solar panel input or in-vehicle charger (car charger) input, charging is performed while the battery is consumed, which has a considerable effect on battery life. The reason is that the battery itself plays the role of charging and supplying power at the same time, so it is easy to load.

Q: Can I buy two or more solar panels and charge them at the same time?

A: Yes, you can. Since the input standard for solar charging is 600W / Max60V, there is no problem as long as the input voltage from the solar panel does not exceed 60V. * It is necessary to purchase a commercially available cable for connecting between solar panels.

Q: Can I charge directly from another company's solar panel?

A: The charging is possible if
(1) Input standard: 600W / Max60V
(2) Plug: Anderson connector (If the plug shape is different, there is no problem if you use a commercially available conversion adapter)

Q: Is it possible to charge an electric vehicle directly?

A: It depends on specifications of the electric vehicle. If a ground connection is required, you need to purchase a commercially available conversion outlet separately.

Q: What is the noise level during use?

A: According to the manufacturer's actual measurement results, the maximum noise level is about 55 dB at a distance of 50 cm from the outlet of the cooling fan.

Q: What is the operating temperature range?

0-45 ° C is recommended for use. The storage temperature is -20-45 ° C.