The blue ocean market is coming

The blue ocean market is coming, are you ready?

Electricity becomes indispensable. Both our electronic equipment and kitchen appliances need electricity to support them. In our life, electricity is used almost everywhere. When there is a power outage, going out for fun or a disaster, no power supply becomes the norm. People can't charge their electronic devices, cook, or even light.

The portable power station was born under these conditions. When going camping, hunting, fishing, RV travel, etc., take the power station with you, and you will no longer worry about the power supply. When the disaster comes and the power is cut off, the portable power station is used as the emergency power supply to solve the problem of household power consumption. The demand for portable power stations is also increasing, and the blue ocean market has emerged

Key Reasons for Demand Growth

Power outages, camping, expeditions, hunting, outdoor operations, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, and various other disasters cause power outages, these are the key factors that make portable power stations necessary

Why choose iForway

Rich experience, with its own R&D team to meet customer OEM&ODM needs

Stable and reliable

IForway has extensive experience in OEM and ODM services for portable power stations. At present, we provide services for more than 50 brands around the world, from design to production one-stop service, allowing you to save worry and effort.

Price concessions

Iforway strictly controls the product quality, and controls most raw materials by itself. While ensuring the quality, the price and cost are also reduced, and the price given to customers is more favorable than the market

R & D innovation

Iforway will not stay where it is. We have been innovating and developing, updating and iterating products to ensure that iforway's customers have always been at the forefront of the industry in the market.


Strictly control the qualification rate of raw materials and products to ensure product quality

Portable Power Station

iForway was established in 2006, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of power packs and portable charging stations. If you have a store, you can choose to create your own power station brand or become an iForway dealer. Get the full benefit at a very competitive price.

For OEM services, we can print your logo on our export products. Help you create your own brand.

For ODM services, our professional engineers will provide you with the most favorable price according to your blueprint. They can also design products according to your requirements.

Iforway provides lifelong technical support to all customers.

What do our customers say

With the spirit of continuous innovation, self-transcendence and considerate customer service, iForway's products are recognized and favored by more and more customers around the world

The service is great, iForway can provide OEM or individual design services, very competitive prices, and the quality of the products is great. If you're looking for a portable power station manufacturer, iForway is worth considering.
— Mr. White
iForway product quality review is very strict, my customers are very satisfied after purchase, and there are almost no problems, so I have no after-sales troubles.
— John Davis
I have been cooperating for two years. I like iForway's service very much. Whether it is pre-sales or after-sales, they are very responsible, and they are very careful in product inspection. There has not been a product with quality problems in the two years of cooperation. It is worthy of being one of the top portable power station manufacturers in China.
— Hildo Franco
Portable Power Station
Very professional. I also spent a lot of time on product design. My customers said the experience was great
— Brenda

Factory photo

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Detection process

iForway Portable Power Station Inspection Process

High pressure detection

High and low temperature detection

Salt spray test

Life span test

Product aging

Drop test

Constant temperature and humidity test

Battery test

Ball drop impact test

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