iForway PD60W Portable Power Station


It is the longest lasting, most versatile CPAP backup battery, works with all CPAPs/BiPAPs/APAP machines, such as ResMed AirSense 10, ResMed AirMini, *ResMed S9, *3B Medical Luna, *Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel PAP and *Apex Medical iCH.Ensures that your devices seamlessly continue to receive power even during a power outage..


Take your POWERELF 105 completely off grid by pairing with one of our solar panels. There is a lot to consider when choosing a panel, but we’ve made the process simple. Check out the chart below to explore all your solar pairing options.


Compact, Portable,Lightweight Power Station
The PowerElf 105 Power Station delivers high-quality lithium power you can rely on, housed in an ultra-portable design made to take anywhere. PowerElf 105 is one of the most lightweight power stations on the market and the lightest iForway power station to date.

High-Speed Charging Solution
Equipped with the latest charging technology, including a high-speed Power Delivery port capable of charging USB-C for tablets, cameras, and phones in a fraction of the time.

No Noise No Fumes
PowerElf was designed without fans inside, to keep it really no noise no fumes for CPAP users in the night to use. also with a variety of high-powered outputs, storage capacities, a iForway PowerElf Portable Power Station will keep your gear running, indoors and out. 

Tech Spec

DC Input
USB-C Input:5~20V/3A Max 60W

Output Ports
1*USB-C PD 60W
2*USB 5V/2.4A Per Port
1*DC5521 Ports 12V/10A
AC Output:160W

Basic Info
Neight Weight:1.4Kg
Charge Temp:0 to 45°C
Discharge Temp:-20 to 45°C
Cell Chemistry:NCM
Cycle Life:1000+

What Can Power

Smart Phone (15 Wh): 10 times
Tablet (30 Wh): 5 times
Laptop (40 Wh): 4 times
POV Camera (5 Wh): 29 times
DSLR Camera (18 Wh): 8 times
Head Lamp (5 Wh): 29 times

Hours of Runtime
Light Bulb (15 W): 9.4hrs
CPAP (80 W): 3.5hrs
TV (42" LED) (80 W): 1.8hrs
Pellet Grill (60 W): 2.4hrs
Portable Fridge (35 W): 4hrs
WiFi Router (25 W): 5.7hrs
Mini Fridge(30 W): 4.7hrs
Full Size Refrigerator (55 W): 2.6hrs
Fan (65 W): 2.2hrs

In The Box

1*Main Products

1*PD60W Power Adapter

1*USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable

1*User’s Manual


1. Can the product be taken on the plane?

No, because this product is a lithium battery product, according to international air transportation standards and regulations, lithium battery products cannot exceed 100Wh.

2. The consumers‘ power is within the rated output power range of the Portable Power Station but cannot be used?

Because the product has a low power, it needs to be full recharged and used again.

3. Why is there a noise sometimes.

Because this product uses an air-cooled system, the built-in fan can better help the product to dissipate heat, so it is normal for a slight noise to occur during use.

4. How do I store the product when it's not in use?

The portable power station needs to be stored in a dry environment, and the correct storage method can prolong the service life of the portable power station.

5. How do I clean the product if it is dirty?

Please use a dry non-abrasive cloth to wipe. Do not wipe directly with a wet cloth or chemical solvent. If you want to wipe it more cleanly, we recommend that you use a cotton swab with a small amount of absolute alcohol to wipe. Do not expose the product to large amounts of water.


PS105 Battery and Backup Power

The iForway PS105 Battery and Backup Power Supply offers reliable sleep therapy off–the–grid, plus the FAA approves it for in–flight use and can be helpful during a power outage. Power countless handheld electronic devices and get 10 hours—or more—of charge time while you’re on the go.


iForway CPAP Battery Advantage

The iForway PS105 Portable Outlet Rechargeable CPAP Battery is a sleek, high-tech device equipped with several cutting-edge features. Designed for universal compatibility, the battery can be used to power any brands any models of CPAP and BiPAP machines. The average device will run for 10 to 14 hours after a full charge. The battery also has Universal Power Supply (UPS) technology, allowing it to continue charging your PAP machine in the event of a power outage

Who It's Best For

Portability matters to sleepers wanting a CPAP battery so they can use their CPAP machines while camping or traveling. Size, weight, and design impact the portability of a CPAP battery. Smaller batteries take up less space in a bag, which is a plus, especially when traveling in situations that limit luggage space. Lighter-weight batteries help keep bags light, which is important when camping or in other travel situations that require a person to carry their luggage for longer distances.