60W Solar Panel


Portable Solar Panels

The solar panels are designed for outdoor travel. It folds and is easy to transport. Whether you're going to the beach this weekend or camping with your family, you can put the solar panel in direct sunlight and charge your phone or laptop while playing, enjoying clean and free solar energy. Also, you can put it on your roof, trailer, boat, cabin, tent or any other surface to make it perfect for family, travel, camping and hiking.

portable solar panels

The solar panels are made of high-efficiency Sunpower cells, which have a conversion efficiency of up to 22 percent and work even in low light conditions.

By converting sunlight into electricity, solar panels charge your mobile devices (5V/2A USB output) 

Please mind these while solar recharging:

1. Recharging time varies from different location, temperature, weather etc. The actual time may be different.

2. During recharging, keep your portable power station away from heat and direct sunlight in order to extend its life span.

100W Foldable Solar Panel

  • Wattage (Wp):60W
  • Panel Type:  Monocrystalline
  • Vmp (V):18V
  • Voc (V):21.5V
  • Imp (A):5.6A


  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rubber handle make it easy to carry
  • Adjustable kickstands for easy installation or angle adjustment

Hit the outdoors with iForway and keep all your devices powered on at once. With a 462Wh capacity that charges to full in a record-breaking 96 minutes flat, you’ll have ease of mind to focus on your adventures.

Tech Spec

Fan 30W: 4-8 Hours
Electric Blanket 40W: 6-10 Hours
Mini Fridge 60W: 5-8 Hours
Drone 60W: 2 Charges
Camera 10W: 14 Charges
Phone 10W: 14 Charges
TV 60W: 2-3 Hours
Laptop 100W: 1.5 Charges
CPAP 60W: 3-4 Hours

What Can Power

Three easy ways to charge
1.Solar charging
Harness the power of the sun by linking up to two 110W solar panels. You’ll be fully charged in under 3 hours.
2.Car charging
Heading on a road trip? Charge to full in just 3.5 hours by plugging right into your car with the car adapter.
3.Wall outlet
Plug into any standard AC wall outlet to fast charge from 0-80% in under 1 hour with X-Stream charging.

In The Box

Finding the right solar panel cable or adapter is easy. Let us break down which solar accessories you need to get your kit online and powered.
1.60W Solar Panel
2.100W Solar Panel
3.200W Solar Panel


1. Can the product be taken on the plane?

No, because this product is a lithium battery product, according to international air transportation standards and regulations, lithium battery products cannot exceed 100Wh.

2. The consumers‘ power is within the rated output power range of the Portable Power Station but cannot be used?

Because the product has a low power, it needs to be full recharged and used again.

3. Why is there a noise sometimes.

Because this product uses an air-cooled system, the built-in fan can better help the product to dissipate heat, so it is normal for a slight noise to occur during use.

4. How do I store the product when it's not in use?

The portable power station needs to be stored in a dry environment, and the correct storage method can prolong the service life of the portable power station.

5. How do I clean the product if it is dirty?

Please use a dry non-abrasive cloth to wipe. Do not wipe directly with a wet cloth or chemical solvent. If you want to wipe it more cleanly, we recommend that you use a cotton swab with a small amount of absolute alcohol to wipe. Do not expose the product to large amounts of water.

100W Foldable Solar Panel



PS100N 200W Portable Power Station

100W Foldable Solar Panel HIGHLIGHTS

100 Watt (14-22V) foldable and weatherproof solar panel 100 Watt (14-22V) foldable and weatherproof solar panel
Big wattage and weighs only 10 lbs. For chaining multiple 100W solar panels together, purchase a 4X 8MM COMBINER TO HIGH POWER PORT CONNECTOR. Big wattage and weighs only 10 lbs. For chaining multiple 100w solar panels together, purchase a 4X 8MM COMBINER TO HIGH POWER PORT CONNECTOR.

WHAT CAN THE iFoyway 100W Foldable Solar Panel CHARGE?

The solar panel does not hold a charge it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight. Connect it to recharge a portable power station. 100w is best used for recharging

AC Adapter

Solar Charging

Car Charging

*Solar charge times vary and are dependent on many factors such as elevation, temperature, time of year, angle and position to the sun.