3248Wh large capacity

Power your home for days.The HS3600 is good enough for hours of heavy duty use.

Portable luggage design

The HS3600W has a huge battery capacity of 3248Wh. With a portable luggage-style design, it's effortless for camping, road trips, or storing in the garage.

Output power peak 3000W

Can power almost anything. Whether indoors or outdoors.

Power home appliances

The HS3600W can use air conditioning equipment, kitchen appliances and power tools. It can power almost all electrical equipment in the room.

Powering an Outdoor Party

Whether you're having a party or camping outdoors, the hs3600 can provide you with enough power. You can even power up to 17 devices at the same time.

Battery + Inverter Technology

Built to last.

Time tested battery

Hs3600w uses the chemical composition of LiFePO4 battery, which can be recycled for more than 2000 times. It can be used at home for up to 10 years. The battery can stand the test of time.

And it keeps its cool.

Your battery can not only withstand years of heavy load use, but also put safety in the first place. Our advanced battery management system adjusts the voltage, current and temperature in real time to ensure safety and optimal performance

Best battery

iForway HS3600 uses a brand new lithium iron phosphate battery, the advantages are as follows

* Long life: 2000 cycles

* Large capacity: the same volume is 2-3 times that of ordinary batteries

* Safety: High temperature resistance. Does not swell and explode

* Stable: charge and use at any time without damaging the capacity

* Eco-friendly: Green and environmentally friendly, no heavy metals

* Light weight: only one third of the weight of the same capacity battery

Optional AC Plug

iForway produces a variety of socket interfaces according to different socket standards in various countries to meet the needs of customers in different countries





Safety protection

Battery Management System

Performance plus safety

Confidence comes when you know your battery can take care of its own. The battery management system self regulates to keep your portable power station performing its best when it’s pushed to the limit.

Let's go back to the details

The HS3600 is designed around factors such as ease of use, safety, and portability

Appearance design

Designed with tough ABS plastic, the exterior of HS3600 can take a tumble. As an added measure, we made it fire resistant too.


The HS3600 is equipped with sturdy, luggage-style handles that can be turned easily for easier mobility.

Independent unit control

The HS3600 features individual control buttons for each unit, paired with a bright LED screen, giving you all the controls and information you need.

OEM&ODM Portable Power Station

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